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Gloomhaven compatible terrain set

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Gloomhaven Terrain

Bring your campaign to a whole new level!

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War of the Ring Sets

Star Wars Rebellion Upgrade Set

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Gloomhaven Terrain Set

Hundreds Of Boardgame Enthusiasts Served Around The World. Discover What They Say About Our Gloomhaven Set!

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The craftsmanship, painting and decoration on these models are professional and absolutely amazing. It makes the Gloomhaven game so much more realistic and immersive.
Although the whole package is a bit costly, when you do maths - each model only costs a few dollars. This is the same price as buying most miniatures or other printed resins which don't even come painted and have the custom details these have.
Milo's customer service is fantastic and he will reply very promptly.
Overall, I will be a returning customer and I would recommended his products to anyone who want to take their gaming to the next level.


Totally exceeded my expectations. My gaming group had no idea that I had ordered these. Their reaction when the first map got revealed was worth every penny I'd spent. Great quality terrain really does enhance the overall sense of immersion and fun while playing.

These are definitely not 3D prints that have then been painted. They're a molded material that feels much better in hand and has actual weight. The painting is top notch, as are all the extra touches like a map hanging off the corner of one of the book cases.

I'm sure I'll be using these not just for Gloomhaven but also other RPG's for a long time to come. Worth every penny!


I am not eloquent enough to describe how happy I am with this purchase. The quality of work is astounding and the price, when you consider the time and effort that goes into making this set, is more than reasonable.